Share Your Happiest Memories With Digital Photo Frames

DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME 2Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are an excellent way to display your photos and share your happiest memories with family and friends. Having the right frame that best meets your needs, and most suits your tastes, will impress your family and friends and accent any room for years to come.

There are many frames to choose from.

We will help you find yours!

We suggest you consider the five simple “rules” listed below when purchasing your digital photo frame:

  1. Conisder the features you want – there are many different features offered on different types of frames.  While displaying your photos will most likely be your number one concern, other features such as setting your slideshow to music, ability to play videos, or even size and design, might be more important to you. Even the color of the frame might be important, especially if you want to match it to a specific room’s decor.
  2. Be aware of the resolution – while price is very important to most people, do not settle for a low-resolution frame just to save a few pennies on its cost. We strongly suggest choosing a frame(s) that has a minimum resolution of 640 x480 in order to best display your photos in a fashion you will find most attractive.
  3. Choose your aspect ratio – while you may find a digital photo frame with a 15:9 aspect ratio suitable to your needs, most cameras take photos at a 4:3 ratio and you will probably want to choose a frame with these parameters.
  4. Know your needs and comfort zone – digital frames can offer a wide array of features from a basic display screen to state-of-the-art technology like streaming internet radio and everything in between. Choose the one that best fits your needs and doesn’t stress you out over learning how to use it. While all of the frames come with user-friendly instruction manuals, and the technology is fairly easy to use, if you are a total newbie to this you may find some features more difficult to use than others.
  5. Brand and pricing – you should not buy a digital picture frame based strictly on brand and/or price. Consider all the features offered, the design, and how everything combined satisfies your tastes and needs. We have samples of all the different size frames offered, contained within our site, and have suggestions for what frames we have found to be the best based on their size in our “Best in Size” section. We hope you find this useful and helpful.



There are many styles and brands to choose from and its very common to mix sizes and styles to best meet your needs and suit your tastes. It will of course depend upon your individual taste but it’s even nice to combine traditional photo frames with their newer, state-of-the-art counterparts. Displaying photos in this manner will enhance any room and impress your family, friends and guests.

SIzes for frames range from keyring size to 20 inches and everything in between. The most common sizes are the keyring, 3.5 inch, 5.6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch, 10.4inch,  11 – 12 inches, 15 inches, and 19 – 20 inches.

While the quality of the picture will vary with different sizes, you can find one in any size that will satisfy your needs.

Prices for these digital photo frames range anywhere from $9.99 for the 1.5 inch keychain to $300 and up for some of the larger sizes. Most brands also offer warranties and extended warranties that vary depending upon the frame type and size. Typically you can get a two-year warranty on a keyring size frame for approximately $10, and anywhere from $15-$40 on larger $300+ frames. Warranties are of course optional and many shoppers elect not to purchase them. We suggest purchasing them, but that is your decision to make. Some brands will even offer free warranties, and offer free shipping, during special promotions they may be running.

While every brand, and type of frame, will display your photos in an attractive and vivid manner, they do not all offer the same features. Some can only display JPEG photos, and some will have a slideshow feature while others might not. The slideshow feature is very popular and most digital photo frames that have this allow you to adjust the time interval between each photo, and even set them to music.

Another popular feature on some frames is the one that allows you to send your photos to a printer. Printing your favorite photos so you can frame them in a traditional manner, or share them with your family and friends, enhances your experience even more.

Uploading your photos to your frame is easy and should not cause you any worries or stress. We have a video contained in our video section that shows an example of how to do this. Most of the frames allow you to upload photos right to their memory through a USB connector. Some frames utilize the camera’s memory card to diplay the photos while others have an internal memory storage. In general, the latter is a more popular choice that allows you more freedom and more and more frames are offering this feature. Whatever the case, if you patiently follow the instructions in the user’s manual provided with each frame you should have no problems.

Many dgitial photo frames have wireless technology which allows you to upload your photos without a USB “hardwire” connection. This technology is easy to use and gives you more flexibility. Some frames offer additional features such as alarm clock, streaming radio, streaming photos, weather updates and other items that many users may find either too complicated or unnecessary.

That will be your choice to make. Choose what best suits your needs and your level of comfort with the technology offered.

The methods to upload your photos are seemingly endless when you consider that many frames enable you to retrieve photos via RSS feeds over the internet. There are also websites such as; Flickr and Picasa that allow photo sharing, and many frames allow you to download photos directly from your email! Whatever the method you choose the results are all the same; a collection of memories beautifully displayed on an attractive frame that will enhance any room.

As you can see, there are a lot of terrific benefits to using digital photo frames and we hope you find helpful in your search.